Monday, 2 September 2019

Meaning of Emotion with Example and Full Explain

Hello friends, today we are going to discuss about the most used and common word ‘emotion’. Yes
almost all of you reading this article must aware of it, but today we are going to discuss a lot more
about the word emotion. So, let’s get started. Emotion is nothing but a strong feeling people feel for
someone; it could be anything like love, anger, fear, sadness, happiness, surprises, for anyone no
matter for emotions can grow for anyone like children, parents, teachers, lover, animals , etc.

Meaning of Emotion with Example and Full Explain :

Emotions play very significant part in everybody’s life, Have you ever thought why some people get
so much attach and become close to one another, only because they carry a strong feeling of
emotions. On the other hand, some people hate each other, again because of the strong emotion of
anger. Don’t think its quiet amazing that a person can change his/her feeling of emotion in just a
second. No matter if it is strong feeling of hate or love an emotion can express the whole feeling
what the person actually thinks. 

Emotion carry strong power, emotion is the feeling which totally
depends on human being what kind of human beings they are. If people are so much soft, good and
innocent by nature they can easily get attached to another person in the spur of the moment
because they carry a strong feeling or emotions of love for the opposite person. But if we talk about
the people who is so much of arrogant, egoistic , attitude then he/she can never get attached to the
person’s emotions easily, it take quiet long to attach them.

Without emotions a person is totally meaningless, a person without emotions can never understand
the true feelings of another person like what they feel, what they care, etc. It is very important to
know the true emotion of people you love. Sometime people also get attached the things they
belonged to so many years; some people can’t live without stuff they carry with their initial stage.
Yes throwing or leaving stuffs become quiet hard for people when a strong feeling attached with it.

Here are some basic types of emotions
 Happiness
 Sadness
 Fear

Happiness- It is the best kind of emotion one can go through in their life. No emotion can beat this
kind of feeling. Happiness is commonly expressing a pleasant emotional state that is considered by
feelings of joy, satisfaction, joy, etc. This kind of emotion is expressed through facial expressions like
laughing loud, smiling, body language and with upbeat, amusing tone of voice.

Sadness- On the other hand, if we talk about sadness it is another type of emotion people show
when they got sad, disappointed, grief, hopeless, etc. Like happiness sadness can also express
through various things such as dampened mood, crying, quietness, etc.

Fear- Fear is an emotion in which people gets feeling of something dangerous might happen, in this
situation people gets tensed, the heart beat gets faster and what not. The best example of this
emotion is when someone’s results going to out, that is the time when students come across with
emotion of fear. This emotion can be express through face, rapid breathing, etc.

So, above are some of the important types of emotions that you surely know if you want to grab
much information on the term ‘Emotion’. If you want to make your vocabulary strong then keeping
reading this kind of articles on daily basis. It is the best way by which anyone can make their English

There are hundreds and thousands words gets updated in English dictionary it is impossible to learn
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