Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Meaning of Empire with Example and All Details

Hello friends, I hope you all doing well, so in today’s article, we going to discuss the word ‘Empire’.
Yes, sounds too huge right! Many of you reading this article must know what empire is? This is a
very interesting word. Empire stands for ‘A group of counties that is ruled by one country’. In other
words, it is known as ‘A very large company or group companies’. Now, let’s make it clearer, have
you heard about the word Mogul empire, the British empire, the Roman empire, etc. These are
some eminent empires in history who ruled over many other countries. An empire considered very
strong and powerful one can easily command or instruct other countries that what they should do
and whatnot.

Now, it is for sure that you have understood the word ‘empire’ clearly, you can easily elaborate on
the meaning of empire to people who ask its meaning right! The next thing to learn about empire is
its use of how and where you can use this word. Though in English there are millions of the same
words which carry their different meanings. You can use one word in different ways. So, if we talk
about empire, it also has its different kinds of meaning which you can easily use anywhere in your
English sentences. Such as describing below,
Here are some examples of the word ‘empire’ you can use in many sentences,

 She was the great ruler of an empire,
 The soldiers of the great British Empire serve for thirty years,
 The British Empire existed from 28BC to 478 AD,

So, these are the few examples of the word empire. If you are writing an article, blog or anything
related to history you can use the world empire. Mostly the word empire saw in history, if you go
through the ancient times you will come to see many emperors ruled many counties. Apart from the
word empire, you can use its synonyms too in your sentences such as kingdom, territory, province,

Kingdom- This term exact means the same of empire; kingdom means a politically organized
community or huge territorial unit which has a monarchic form of government headed by queen or
king. If we talk about its example and how you can use it in a sentence here it is
Example- After the queen, Mary 1sth died her half-sister Elizabeth ruled over the kingdom of
Territory- Another example you can use on behalf of the word empire is territory, it means a
managerial subdivision of a country.
Example- If we talk about how you can use this word in your sentence then it is quite simple like,
Those peaks are in Mexican territory,
Guam is a U.S. territory
Province- The next word you can use instead of empire is province which means a region or a
country brought under the run of the earliest roman government. If we talk about its examples then
here it is,
Example- Those people left the city in the provinces,
A legal question outside the doctor’s province

So, you see how you can use the word empire in many different ways and in different places all you
should pay attention to what you are an article in which way and according to that you can stuff the
word empire or its synonyms. Many people find difficulty in understanding the meaning of such
words which have almost similar meanings, people just get confused to use how to put it incorrect
After reading this article it for sure that you can now easily know the meaning of empire and the
doubt running in your mind how to use this word is also now clear. Keep learning new things will
allow you to move forward, and if you are a student preparing yourself for any kind of competitive
examination then learning and knowing the meaning of new words is very important to you. It not
only makes your English vocabulary strong but also enchases to boost your communication skills.
So, for what you are waiting for just keep reading this kind of article and boost your knowledge. This
article will always keep updating new words with meaning and examples. All you have to stay
connected with it so that every new updated word you can learn anytime.