Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Meaning of Emphasize with Full Example and Explanation

Hello friends! Today we are here to discuss the word ‘Emphasize’ many of you have already heard
about it and also used it in day to day life. Today we are going to discuss a lot about it and how you
can use it in sentences, its examples, its synonyms, antonyms, etc so that you can easily understand
its meaning and whenever required you can use the word.

Meaning of Emphasize with Full Example and Explanation :

First of all, Emphasize stands for to make something valuable or important, or giving stress to
something, like when you were children, your parents always ‘emphasize’ the importance of both
ways before crossing the road, here the verb emphasizes works when someone really wants to give
stress or give extra weight to an issue or particular thing.  

Well, there are countless synonyms of the word that you can use instead of emphasizing such as
stress, underline, highlight, spotlight, bring out, articulate, etc. On the other hand, the antonyms of
the word are denied, forget, lose, ignore, play down, etc. So, these are a few important things you
should keep in mind when you use the word emphasize.

In other words, we use emphasize when we are giving special attention or value to something. Like if
we take an example of news channels many incidents took place across the world on daily basis but
the media reporters or media channels only emphasize that news which is unique, strange, they only
give special attention to that news which is worth showing. They will never show the news or
incidents that are ordinary or happen in day to day life.

 So, whenever you want to give special attention or highlight something valuable or extraordinary
thing emphasize it. Highlighting or emphasizing something means you want to grab people’s
attention to that particular thing so that people get attracted towards it and give more attention to
it. So, the main purpose of emphasizing anything is to grab people’s attention. You have seen so
many times that if there is a sale on shopping complex or if there are discounts on online shopping
the seller highlight or bold the particular things so that people easily get attract towards it and buy
as much as the product they can. 

Emphasizing something makes a huge difference so whenever you want to make your voice reach
the public or you have some important announcement then forget to emphasize it because it is a
very important key.

Here are some examples of emphasizing with the full example which makes you clearer: 

Accent- Accent is the synonym of the word emphasizes which you can use it, the meaning of accent
states to give special attention to something.
Example- TV shows that accent youth

Highlight- Highlight is another word you can use instead of emphasizing.
Example- The numerous spots in a painting that receives the highest or greatest amount of

Feature- You can even use a feature, but this word especially when it comes if you want to tell or
describe the characteristics of a person. Like if you want to emphasize someone’s face feature.
Example- She has beautiful eyes.
So, all these above examples emphasize you can use it anywhere if you want to give special
attention to anything. It is always good and fun in learning new things in life, just keep reading this
kind of article daily and learn something new each day. I hope this article has solved all your doubts
regarding the word ‘emphasize’ now you can easily use this word anywhere you want.

Many people just use the words without having much knowledge, carrying less knowledge in any
field be it education or any other can only put you down, so be sure that if you are learning
something new and must have its full and proper knowledge, and emphasize is the word which you
can use anywhere you want to. If you want to highlight anything or if you want to say something to
people just emphasize the word make it bold, make it attractive so that ample people can read it
and your work also finish quickly.