Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Meaning of Empty with Example and Full Explain

Hello friends, I hope you all doing well, in today’s article we are going to discuss one more interesting word and that is ‘Empty’. Well, this word you have listened several times and also know its meaning right. But as you all know that in the English language every word is the same but its meanings are different. So, in today’s word you are going to learn more about the word empty and where you can use it in sentences and daily routine life. 

Meaning of Empty with Example and Full Explain :

You all know that what this word empty means. The meaning of the word is containing nothing, vacant, without meaning, or value. Most people know the meaning of empty but at the point of writing they make a mistake, they
use this word wherever they like. Do you know improper stuffing of a single word can change the meaning of the whole sentence? That is why every time at learning new words you should fully aware of what that word exactly means, what are their synonyms, antonyms, how and in which type of sentences that particular word is being used.

There are so many little things one should keep in mind while learning the new word, no matter how much you are known to the word but the proper usage of the word in the right sentences is very much important. So, if we talk about empty, it also carries numerous meanings already mentioned above like other English words. Here the important thing is to know how and when you can use it.

Sometimes the state of sad emotions or feelings is also called empty. If one of your friends is feeling sad he/she would say I am feeling empty which means he/she not liking anything, they are not happy. So, in this case, you cannot use the word empty in the form of vacant, bare, free, clear, etc because here we are talking about human emotions. Now, if we talk about any stuff we can use the word empty like this box is vacant means it does not have anything in it. So, it is a little bit clearer to know the difference between how and when you can use the word empty.

Here are some examples of the word ‘empty’ you can use in many sentences:

Containing nothing- If we talk about this, you can use this word in sentences like those shelves containing nothing; there is nothing in the freezer, you can use the word containing nothing instead of using empty. Both words are state the same meaning.

Vacant- Another word that you can use instead of empty is vacant, yes vacant words generally used in two forms like, a house, seat, hotel room, etc are not used they are empty. Another example is about the company of jobs that is available for somebody to take. Like, many times you have heard from many organizations that this profile is vacant are you interested to give an interview, etc. So, vacant means something which is not used or available to take charge.

Blank- Here empty means with nothing written, recorded or printed another thing we can say without any feelings, interest or understanding. For example, you can say it’s a blank paper or notebook, you can even say its blank cassette in which nothing is recorded, etc.

So, these are the few examples of the word empty, you can use it several times and anywhere but in a suitable sentence which forms a correct meaning. Now it is for sure that you have deeply understood the meaning of empty. You can use the word without confusing right; it is very good for the students who are seeking to learn new words. It helps them to boost their English and communication skills.  

Though empty is the word listen and used mostly by people the correct usage of the word in the sentences is very important for the people. Not only the word empty is confusing but there are many words in English vocabulary that are tough to understand because they mean the same but the use of the word becomes quite difficult. If you want to become pro in learning new words then you need to keep reading them on daily basis, all you have to do is note it down in a notebook and keeping using them in different sentences in this way you will
never forget the word and you can even use the word in the right way.