Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Meaning of Enjoy with Examples and Full Explanation

Hello friends! I hope you are enjoying your day; yes today’s word is all about ‘Enjoy’. Well, who
doesn’t wants to enjoy their life? Everybody wants happiness in their life no matter in which
situation they live but everyone wants to be happy. In today’s article is all about the word ‘enjoys’
how you can use it, its example, meaning, etc. Enjoy states ‘to get pleasure from something’.
Another meaning could be to ‘to be happy, or to have a good time’.

Meaning of Enjoy with Examples and Full Explanation :

If you are going on a vacation you enjoy it there with your family or friends. If you pass on your examination with good marks you throw a party for your friends and you enjoy the moment, etc. Spending a happy time with your loved once also called enjoy.

Not only enjoy means spending time with friends and family but it also means someone who enjoys
doing stuff alone. Many people in this world create their way and find happiness, like some of them,
just enjoy listening to music, some of them love to watch movies, etc. Enjoy defining the state of the
person in which she/he happy, rejoice themselves without any stress or fear.

Enjoy is something which gives people pleasure and satisfied them. There are many synonyms of the word Enjoy such as adore, delight, love, like, groove. Etc. On the other hand, if we talk about its antonyms they are like, dislike lack, hate, need, etc.
There is not any limited or specific thing in the world that gives people enjoyment. If they want to
enjoy their life they can do whatever no matter it is a huge thing but little things in the world also
give people enjoyment at any moment.

If you have seen any movie and you like it you can use the word enjoy, you can say I just enjoy
watching a movie. Enjoyment is something you can get from anywhere, for that it is not necessary
that you have to go to the theatre; you can simply watch the movie with your friends or family at
home at your comfort level.

So, if you are seeking happiness in the world then it is not compulsory that you have to do great or
huge things you can get enjoyment in little things as well. To make it clearer for you below are some
examples of the word enjoy.

Here are some examples of enjoying with the full example which makes you clearer:

Adore- The word adores you can use instead of enjoying which means to worship or honor as a deity
or divine.
Example- She adores his husband

Cherish- You can even use the word cherish instead of enjoying, which means to hold dear, feel or
express affection, love for
Example- cherished his friends

Love- It is a very common word that people used in most of their sentences and day to day life. It
means a strong affection for another arising of kinship or personal ties.
Example- maternal love for a kid

So, I have to see all these are a few examples with an explanation of the world enjoy. You can use the word or its synonyms whenever you feel like you are very happy or if you want to express your feelings that you had a lot of happy moments you can use the word enjoy. Using the word enjoy is not much hard, only you have to understand it and use it correctly in the sentences which make a correct meaning.

Friends I hope you have now understood the meaning of the word enjoy, how you can use it and
from the next time whenever you are going to use this word I hope you will remember all the
guidelines mentioned above, about using the correct word in the right form. Many people get
confused with the word to enjoy and they use it in the sentences in the wrong way, so the people
need to know the correct meaning of the word they are using. To know more about new words just
keep connected to the article and this article will surely help you out to make your vocabulary
strong. Just try to give a few seconds to read this article which will help you to build your English