Saturday, 19 June 2021

Viber App Free Calls – Viber App Free Details

Viber app download is just a Viber account and gives you the opportunity to get exclusive services like free calls, texts, photo messages with friends anywhere in the world (everything is free).

Viber App Free Calls – Viber App Free Download:

So you have a choice but to create a new Viber account to help you send free messages to other Viber users, anywhere in the world, on any device or network. Don't forget, you can join Viber through your Facebook account or your Twitter account.

Viber App Free Calls – Viber App Download | Steps To Create New Viber Account:

Step 1: Turn on your mobile device and click on Google Play Store.
Step 2: In the search box, contribute to the Viber application to download and serve it.

Step 3: Select Continue under Spring Up Document as it is seen below.

Step 4: Click Agree on the spring up document where you need to give Viber permission, access your address book to synchronize your contacts in your Viber Contacts.

Step 5: Select your country, click on your phone number and click on Continue.

Verify that the telephone number you have provided is correct as we will send your access code to the telephone number you have provided.

Step 6: There will be a spring-up document where "Get Your Code". Correctly type your access code in the space provided and click "Enter Viber" in the middle of the document.

Step 7: Enter your details in login.

Viber App Free Calls – Features Of Viber App:

Free text, call, photo message, and share territory with Viber users
No registration required, aliases or requests.
Your own contact list will be integrated immediately.
Best quality cellphone calls using 3G or Wi-Fi

Step-by-step instructions for connecting through your Facebook or Twitter account

Step 1: Visit our website ""

Step 2: Under our home page, you will see the written article "Connect Viber", at the bottom you will see the symbol of the unofficial community that you have to connect. just click.